About us

Engineering tomorrow’s legacies that stand the test of time

From ground zero in 1964 to one of the leading Civil Engineering contractors today, Gina Engineering has built its legacy on a foundation of exceptional quality standards, operational excellence and innovation. The industry intelligence and experience cultivated over more than half a century has enabled us to deliver what clients expect of us- safe, smart, efficient infrastructures that make a difference in communities and economical outcomes, and enhance quality living.

Over the years, we have transformed ideas into living edifices, thousands of quality assets and vital infrastructures to the satisfaction of clients and communities that span the entire construction value chain. A closely intetrconnected team and global-localised network enable top-quality customized solutions that guide you through the construction process, help you decipher complicated building codes in local areas and regulations in all environments – ranging from rural to densely populated urban centres.

We pride ourselves on working to the highest ethical standards and and setting quality benchmarks whatever the size or type of project from start to finish. We do this by following a rigorous Quality Management System certified to ISO 9001-2015 standards that have enabled us

management team

At GINA engineering, a team of creative, ambitious and seasoned experts comprising highly qualified professionals with a reputation for efficiency in Planning, Execution, Management, Quality Control, Economic Viability, Environmental Responsibility, and Human Resource & Safety, form a cohesive unit to give shape to smart and sustainable structures. Under a solid foundation of trust and over 50 years of high-tech industry experience, they bring in a wealth of knowledge and proven track record that has resulted in 5800 million built-up square feet across a wide spectrum of large-scale real estate and construction development projects that include corporate, industrial, residential, commercial, civil, government, healthcare, education, institutional sectors and more.

A deep passion, close attention to detail and going the extra mile to meet unique customer requirements, ensures we are able to turn over quality infrastructure and building projects that achieve the desired outcome, with detailed planning that minimize the risk of delays and cost overruns. The combination of these skills is what has earned us the trust of clients all over the length and breadth of the country.


  • QUALITY:  Effective, inviolable and without compromise. Validated by ISO 9001-2015  certification.
  • TIME FRAME: Projects are time tracked on day to day basis.
  • SAFETY: Proactive approach and dedicated safety personnel in the field.
  • AUTOMATION: In Material management, Labour management, Security practices, Accounting and  Book keeping.
  • PROFESSIONAL ETHICS: Fair practices and integrity as the corporate ethos.



With over Five Decades of construction experience, Gina Group has made a mark in all types of building constructions like:

  • Industrial Manufacturing Units
  • Research & Development Centers
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Garment Factories
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Software Technology Parks
  • Hotels
  • Institutional buildings
  • Residential buildings