Safety Policy

(Safety, Health, Environment)

Gina Engineering Company accords highest emphasis on safety measures at the work sites to-achieve accident free construction. This calls for:

  1. Safety of personnel at construction sites
  2. Safe & reliable construction methods
  3. Safety of stores & materials
  4. Health care provisions at sites and labour camps
  5. Environmental care at sites

It is therefore very important to diligently adhere to practices as laid down in Gina safety manual.

While the manual give a general guidance for safety, one must use one's good sense in understanding the safety needs of a particular situation and evolve necessary precautions and methods to ensure absolute safety.

The basic SHE philosophy adopted is that:

  • All adverse environmental impacts and accidents are preventable.
  • Safety from risk of injury to people rides over all other considerations in performance of any task

Therefore, the policy aims to:

Identify risky conditions to safety of persons and property and provide suitable measures to eliminate or minimise such conditions.

  • Adequately control all sources of harm or adverse health effect on persons.
  • Educate employees on matters affecting their safety at work and health.
  • Provide and maintain plant and machinery for safe operation.
  • Ensure safe handling and use of materials.
  • To train and supervise all employees with regard to maintaining safe working conditions at all times.
  • To periodically review and revise safety manual to keep up with latest trends.